After the Rain

dusk at the grand mosque cotabato city

We don’t always get what we planned for. I was in Cotabato City to pick up a check, and since it was from the Department of Tourism, I took the opportunity to ask someone to accompany me to the Grand Mosque again. I was hoping to get a sunset timelapse, but as the trip date neared the weather forecasts changed from a fair window to a very chancy one. I had no choice but go to Cotabato anyway, so I decided to go ahead and try my luck.

Well, it didn’t work out as planned. Rain started at around 3pm, and only got worse, turning into a driving squall, as we headed for the mosque in a payong-payong – a motorbike with a parasol’d sidecar. Hunching down in the seat, covered with a thin plastic sheet, I tried to shield my backpack from the rain as well as I could. Now I was wishing I’d taken a separate camera bag instead of packing my cam into an ordinary backpack with my clothes – my pack wasn’t waterproof. By the time we reached the mosque, though, the rain was dying down. The wind was high and from the west, from behind the mosque, so I hoped it’d drive off the heaviest rainclouds remaining and give me a nice colorful sunset.

I set up for the timelapse and prayed for the best, but with Plan B in mind. And Plan B was a blue dusk shot, a stack if I could get a good color pattern in the clouds, a solo shot if not. To make a long story short, I ended up going with Plan B.

Mother Nature is unpredictable at best, and I knew I was stretching my luck a bit given the altered weather forecast. But the opportunity was there, and I guess it’s just part of being a photographer that we just have to keep pushing our luck and see what happens.

(Re-posted from my other blog, Shoot Meester Q)


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