Red, White Black II


Going on with our red, black, white theme for the week … this is from a shoot we did for Symmetry Dance Studio back in BF Homes, in Manila where we used to live. We tend to take shots of dancers a lot, as they make really great subjects.

First off, dancers love what they do, and dance always provides good poses. Second, people into dancing, like those into theatre or acting for film and TV, can usually ‘get into character’ very easily for the camera, which always gets them better pictures. Third, dancers often get to wear costumes that are fun to photograph too. Color, glittery bits, and of course the costumes are designed to go with the dancer’s movement or show the culture the dance came from.


Speaking of character, it was a real blast shooting these girls doing the flamenco. I remember their teacher and me shouting ‘Attitude! Attitude’ and everybody trying not to laugh as the girls tried to get in character. Well, they got it. Which was a real accomplishment to me, because off camera these girls were so pleasant that haughty-fiery Gitana vibe was definitely not them. Now that’s getting into character.


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