Finding the Beauty Under Your Nose

 Fern head, Kapatagan

Part of the magic of photography for me has always been the fact that it encourages me to look again – and again. Sometimes, to the point that my nose is almost touching what I’m looking at! There can be a lot of ‘hidden’ beauty in the small stuff, things that you might just overlook from underfoot while walking, but doing it alone on a nice dewy morning with camera in hand and nothing but birdsong in your ears can open up new worlds. Most of these shots were taken during a morning walk at Forest Springs in Kapatagan, inside the Mount Apo Natural Park, Davao del Sur, with a few from Eden Nature Park in Davao City and the last in my late father in law’s farm. 

Budding durian fruit, South Cotabato 

Most of these shots were taken with my Canon EF 100mm macro lens. It can be a bit of a challenge to focus with a macro lens, so a lot of the time I resorted to manual and the ‘sway’ method – moving the camera, and my body, closer or farther a bit at time until I could get a good lock, and then a fast shutter speed to make sure I had it. For some of the morning shots, taken on a cloudy day and under the shade of tall trees, I had to go for an ISO high enough to get the speeds I wanted. But doing morning photowalks with just a macro on can be really rewarding, specially in nicely verdant locations.

Damselfly, Hagimit Falls, Samal Island

Rosemary sprig, Forest Springs, Kapatagan   

Mosses, Eden Nature Park

Succulent plant, Forest Springs, Kapatagan


Underside of giant orbweaver spider, at a mango farm in Mintal, Davao City


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