Lumadnong Dula Tribal Games 2014



Great fun with the Lumads of Davao City! Davao City is so big it’s practically a province in itself, with large swathes of hard-to-reach highland areas. It was great to have Davao’s original people come downtown for a day of celebrating another side of their culture. Many of these games celebrate and serve to educate for their close-to-the-land lifestyle : a timed competition of pounding and winnowing rice, contests of marksmanship with bow and blowgun and throwing a spear at a coconut to simulate a boar hunt. Who’d have thought rice winnowing could be a competitive game? Well it worked, and it was very photogenic too!


lumadnong_dula_8061 lumadnong_dula_8064   lumadnong_dula_8070 lumadnong_dula_8074 lumadnong_dula_8075 lumadnong_dula_8078 lumadnong_dula_8079 lumadnong_dula_8085 lumadnong_dula_8086 lumadnong_dula_8088 lumadnong_dula_8089 lumadnong_dula_8090 lumadnong_dula_8092 lumadnong_dula_8093 lumadnong_dula_8095 lumadnong_dula_8096 lumadnong_dula_8097 lumadnong_dula_8098lumadnong_dula_8034lumadnong_dula_7771


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