Living Ikebana


Japanese culture’s a continuing fascination for me and Cathy, so it was a really happy coincidence that brought all the ingredients for this shoot together. We’d been thinking of a Japanese avant-garde makeup collaboration with Carine, and ever since we met ikebana artist Claudia Rendon we’d also been wanting to shoot another of her unique Sogetsu-ryu arrangements. Sogetsu-school Ikebana is noted for its unconventional approach, sourcing a wider variety of materials and approaches. That gave us this idea for a Living Ikebana shoot: what if a model, makeup, hair and clothes could be combined to create a truly living, absolutely ephemeral ikebana? Claudia and Carine loved the idea, and Carine found us the perfect model in Carla, who’s got the finest skin I’ve seen so far.


We went for a wintry look in these layouts, combining a pale formal wedding kimono with a mostly white and cold colors arrangement. I added some touches in post to further that detached, cold feel.


I really liked what we got, and Claudia seems excited by the whole concept, so it’s likely we’ll be interpreting some more seasons and themes in this way soon. Looking forward to it!



Model: Carla Peralta
Makeup: Carine Bacani
Hair: Joshua Medroso
Styling: Miggy Lee Acuna
Ikebana: Claudia Rendon


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